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Al Devji


CEO & Founder of Devji Wealth Management

As an independent financial planner, Al Devji works with successful business owners and Physicians to help them understand the importance of developing a strategic, long-term financial plan that helps them achieve their goals and objectives.  For over two decades, Al Devji has been taking the mystery out of complex issues so that his clients fully understand all of their options regarding long and short-term goals.

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Through many years of education, business and personal experience, Al Devji has gathered a basis to help serve and direct his clients looking for help in:

• Investment Consulting         • Wealth Protection
• Wealth Enhancement          • Charitable Planning
• Wealth Transfer

Al Devji helps his clients obtain a better understanding of their current financial situation and define their future
goals. Whether it is insurance planning, wealth accumulation and preservation, a secure retirement or leaving a
legacy, every person, family and situation is unique and requires customized and highly personalized solutions.

As the relationship evolves, he ensures that he and his clients meet regularly to make sure that, as personal and
business situations change, their financial plan remains on-target to meet their goals. He also makes sure his clients
understand each of his recommendations before implementing any specific proposal.

Al Devji brings over 20 years of financial and business experience to his clients. He started off working for MetLife
Corporation and ended his run earning top 3 percent of financial advisors status. Al Devji also has 17 years of
qualifications of achieving Million Dollar Round Table awards. In addition, he has qualified for Court of the Table,
which is a rare and impressive achievement. He is a Certified Long Term Care Specialist (CLTC) and also holds the
LUTCF designation (Life Underwriting Training Council Fellowship).

Al Devji and his wife, Shamsha have been married for over 27 years and have three children together, Alisha, Rahim
and Rahman. Two of his children plan to follow in Mr. Devji’s footsteps by joining the family business. Al Devji
loves listening and even singing to all types of music and plays table tennis in his free time.